– A photographic approach toDub Techno

Taken on a foggy morning on my way to work.


These images are released under a “don’t be a dick”-license. Please ask before you use them in your own non-commercial work. It’s not a big deal. I’ll probably agree. If you want to use an image eg as a cover for your indie label, I’m interested in your labels music! Easy, get in touch. Twitter preferrably. For commercial work: let’s talk. In case of doubt: let’s talk anyway.

About sharing

Do you know this situation: something flows through your social channels. You think “it’s cool, would love to see more of that artist/photographer/whatever”. But the person who shared the content didn’t include a link? Give people a chance to discover new things by adding a link or at least a name. ‘rktic’ is fine in this case. Let’s fix the internet a little bit together.