I wasn’t sure what to expect from a trip to the Middle Kingdom. What I found: probably the user-friendliest metro-system in the world. It’s so obvious to understand, it’s uncanny. About the best food, I ever had. A damn fine Techno Club. Being encased in heavy traffic, not getting stressed caused it was so silent (e-mobility ftw). And above all, despite the language barrier: heartwarmingly, friendly people.

Here’s a collection of architecture and moments, taken while going with the flow for about 15-20km a day… Btw, not every grey sky in China is smog. Sometimes the weather is shitty, too (been drizzling for days).

Thank you Xiaoli, Lina and Oscar of Contur for your hospitality and everything – and Nils/Torusle for the recommendations beforehand!


These images are released under a “don’t be a dick”-license. Please ask before you use them in your own non-commercial work. It’s not a big deal. I’ll probably agree. If you want to use an image eg as a cover for your indie label, I’m interested in your labels music! Easy, get in touch. Twitter preferrably. For commercial work: let’s talk. In case of doubt: let’s talk anyway.

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Places to check

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» Peking-Duck at Hua’s Restaurant (Huajia Yiyuan), Beijing
» The Hutong area around Shichahai, Beijing